The Leading company in the world of telecommunications

Sama is a leading company in the world of telecommunications established in 2008 by specialists and professionals in the field with many years of experience in the world of business management and the telecom industry llllin addition to a team that includes our intelligence experts who integrate talent and technology, to keep your mission secure and your business moving forward.

Sama's journey began through the Murex company, which was specialized in transiting international voice, and which managed to conclude direct connectivity contracts with major international Teir-1 companies and mobile operators to become one of the significant companies in the Middle East.

The company was able to secure a place for itself among the most active and credible telecommunications companies in the MENA region and internationally. Over the years, Sama operated countless projects and partnered with key players to manage projects related to transiting international traffic, preventing fraud, and managing voice gateways.

Then, keeping pace with this field, Sama entered the world of SMS and became one of the companies that provide various services in this context and is still working on developing its services to include all the new trends and technologies in the market and all that serve this field in today’s rapidly changing world.

Sama today has branches in Lebanon, London, and Cyprus, and a team that includes a number of the most highly experienced specialists in the world of communications. It also has a large team of different specializations, experiences, ages, nationalities, and genders noting that about 40% of the company employees are women.

Today we strive to be at our best dealing with our partners and customers, as we always aim to provide everything new and keep abreast of all developments in the world of communications and smart technology. In addition, we put all our expertise in the hands of our customers to provide various services related to consultancy, outsourcing, and project management, as we help you work smarter, grow faster, and compete stronger

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01About SAMA

What makes SAMA tick?


We Bring You Closer

Whether you’re a small operator or a large multinational, we can execute your international voice and SMS needs quickly and securely, no matter how complex they are. Our network allows you to grow and scale globally. With our high-performance network and strategic partnerships with network providers, you can ensure that your business’s connection is well-grounded.


Your calls are safe

Your business is important, which is why we partner with trusted incumbents, mobile operators, and Tier 1 operators to provide reliable and secure connections. We're here to help build the most authentic way to keep your calls and SMS going internationally. We keep your mission secure and your business moving forward.


We’ve got your back

Our carrier-neutral data centers are built with robustness and high availability. They are constantly monitored around the clock by advanced tools. and protected with physical security. In addition, our dedicated 24/7 NOC team responds promptly to any concerns.

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