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Sama has established its position in the market for years as a Tier-1 voice carrier connected to most of the mobile operators in the MENA Region, Asia, Europe, and the USA. Our traffic is terminated directly towards Mobile Operators, PTTs, Tier-1 Partners, and other trusted voice providers in 120+ worldwide destinations.

Through its redundant and flexible network, Sama operates its voice services through different POPs ensuring the latest technologies, solutions, and tools are always part of its infrastructure. This allows Sama to comply with all the requirements of any type of interconnection and any business needs.

Over our network, we carry enterprise and wholesale traffic from various sources and clients, and thus we always guarantee the highest quality of services and KPIs. Our NOC are 24/7 monitoring the quality of the routes and communicating any updates with our partners. Our voice services are not only limited to direct termination but also to premium termination, voice gateway management, call centers requirements, and others. Contact us to know more!

Whether it's a short-term or long-term partnership, we're here to get you connected in minutes.


Sama is a GSMA Certified SMS Hub and a MEF member. Our messaging services include A2P, P2P, P2A, Two-way Messaging, Enterprise Messaging, Bulk Messaging, Promotional Services, Viber Messaging, WhatsApp Messaging, Messaging Campaigns, and others.

We cover a list of direct routes terminating directly to the MNOs or through a 1 hop trusted partner to a huge list of destinations in different regions. Our main focus is on the quality of the termination and the guaranteed CR within a minimum delivery time.

Our infrastructure allows different types of connectivity and our messaging gateways are fully redundant and secure. GDPR, privacy policies, and data protection are among our highest concerns.

Our technical support and interconnection teams are available 24/7 to provide any needed support on any messaging requirements and to ensure fast interconnection.

Our platforms support different messaging encodings, error codes, message length, concatenation, SenderID filtering, number blacklisting, delivery reports, charging methods, and other reporting tools.

We are not only limited to bilateral and transactional messaging, but we also offer our SMS Gateway Management and A2P Monetization services.

We look beyond the box, push harder, and generate revenue that others don't!

Gateway Management

Sama offers you Voice and SMS Gateway Management solutions targeting Mobile Network Operators, Ministries of Telecommunications, and Regulators. Sama seeks to completely secure the operator's network through the services it provides in order to gather all international voice and/or A2P messages.

The scope of the Gateway Management project is to allow the Mobile Operator to secure and maximize revenues from the International Wholesale Business and to control international traffic by managing existing firewalls and fraud prevention solutions or by installing new Fraud Management tools.

This is in addition to the full visibility of the traffic sources along with the management of the traffic type authorized per source with the goal of growing international business income. Sama acts as the primary party in charge of managing the operator's network through activities such as:

  • • Collecting and marketing the traffic
  • • Monetizing the revenues
  • • Monitoring the quality of service and network stability
  • • Taking care of all the financial activities, including the collection of revenues and commitments.
  • • Applying fraud detection and filtering activities
  • • Answering subscribers’ concerns
  • • Providing business consultancy
  • • Providing the operator with a set of business and monitoring tools

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Communication Channels

As part of its reselling and partnership programs, Sama has partnered with multiple vendors to provide different communication channels and services.

Keeping up with the communication trends, Brands and Enterprises shall be available on all channels preferred by their clients.

We can ensure you are available for voice interactions, emails, SMS, In-App, and website chat, as well as all social media communication channels.

This is how we help you provide the best customer service, get more customer engagement, and have a perfect customer experience.

Let’s work together!

Business Messaging

Communicate with your audience from your verified business accounts to send both your promotional and transactional messages.

Using Viber Business messaging API and Whatsapp Business Messaging API, sell your products, scale your business and interact in fast, secure, and personalized means.

Satisfy expanded expectations!

Professional Services

What distinguishes our team is the diversity of specializations and expertise they have in different fields in addition to the technical talents and professional skills they have.

This allows us not only to sell our products and services, but also to be able to resell other services, manage complex projects and integrations, implement strategies, provide consultancy, and get outsourced tasks and activities. Sama offers its clients and partners a set of services tailored to the needs of companies that lack the resources, the know-how, or the geographical presence.

Our project managers along with their crew can manage any complex project and handle all its tasks starting from the sales or the planning and requirement gathering phases ending up with the acceptance, project closure, and implementation. The team of sales and technical professionals will carry out your projects seamlessly and will provide the required project management and outsourcing services.

Moreover, if you have any new projects and you needed specialists and professionals’ perspectives, do not hesitate to contact us! SAMA's consulting experts help you navigate the complexity of today's rapidly evolving industry while assisting with both extensive transformation and specialized issue management. We support your efforts to operate more efficiently, develop more quickly, and outperform your competitors.

It's time to make important decisions about your initiatives and prospective opportunities!

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